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Tuanette Nixon joins The Hedrick Project as Fundraising Chair

Hello, my name is Tuanette Nixon and I am the Fundraising Chair of The Hedrick Project. I source funds to make the project’s dreams a reality.

Growing up in South Africa among a beautifully diverse population and environment full of rich culture, I saw firsthand the many ways people of all different backgrounds shared life and its challenges. The ecosystem of South Africa left an impression on me that shaped my worldview and led to a passion for helping others, creating awareness for both human and environmental issues, and the drive to live each day with the goal of working for a betterment of our planet in all ways possible.

After moving from South Africa to England and, ultimately, the United States, I have amassed both a fuller understanding of the world’s unanswered needs, but also a deep and fulsome background in networking through my positions helping numerous nonprofit organizations working in a multitude of capacities. The Hedrick Project is a natural and exciting fit for me and I look very forward to continuing to make a difference as part of their team.

"I am ecstatic to have Tuanette on our team. She has an outstanding background and proven track-record fundraising, but beyond her talents, she is simply someone you enjoy spending time with and being around. I'm excited to see what all we can accomplish together and start putting some true intention and planning behind our fundraising efforts."

- Will Hedrick, Founder/Executive Director


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