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  • What is myCharity?
    myCharity is a nonprofit on a mission to make donating better for individuals. To do this, we have developed an online giving platform that makes donating exciting, informational, and easy.
  • How does myCharity work?
    First, you pick the causes you want to support. We have 25+ options from you to choose from ranging across animal, human, and environmental causes. Second, we get to work. We take 100% of your donations to your causes to the field. We have a pre-vetted group of global network of nonprofits, NGO's, scientists, vets, and more that we distribute donations to. We monitor their work and Third, once the in the field has been completed, we require our field partners to report back to us photos, videos, GPS, financial reports, and field notes on the work that was complete. We compile this data and send it right to your myCharity dashboard so you can see the impact you made.
  • Is myCharity a nonprofit?
    Yes. myCharity is a register 501c3 nonpfrofit. View our determination letter here.
  • What is the 100% model?
    If you want 100% of your donations to go to the field, they can. If you want to support some of our overhead costs, you can donate to those as well. No matter what you choose, you'll get your impact reports proving exactly how your donations were used. You can learn more about our 100% model here.
  • Who are our partners? What do they do? How do we choose them?
    Our partners help lead all of the work in the field. We believe in the power of a strong team, and together we can operate much more efficiently by supporting other organizations that are doing extraordinary work. For example, it is much more efficient for myCharity to grant funds to a sea turtle hospital, then to build our own, pay veterinarian staff, and have all of the upkeep that goes on to owning and operating a sea turtle hospital. While it might be fun, we want to help our donors make the most impact - with our partners that's possible. All of our partners are screened for quality of work, quality of financial statements, and quality of staff. Most importantly, we do not have any form of ownership or stake in any of our partner organizations.
  • How long will it be until my donation is used?
    It depends on every partner we have and how much previous fundraising occured. We attempt to put your money in our partners hands as fast as possible - its better being put to good use than sitting with us.
  • Can I Donate Once?
    No. myCharity is a subscription based model. It has nothing to do with our profits or revenue (we're a nonprofit, after all), we want our donors to exercise the muscle of giving, month after month, even if it is only $5/mo.
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