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Conor Egan joins The Hedrick Project as Chairman of The Board

“Being a part of an organization focused on bringing awareness and support to better Animal, Human and Environmental life globally in a transparent and effective way is an honor. I am humbled and empowered to leverage my talents toward effectuating this great mission and its success.

- Conor M. Egan, Chairman


"Conor is one of those few people you meet willing to help you and expect nothing in return. When we first met, The Hedrick Project was three months old - barely an idea that was learning how to crawl. Conor quickly and enthusiastically joined and has been an extraordinary help.

I'm excited to have someone leading our Board of Directors willing to put such faith in the organization that it will be led in the right direction. We have a mountain to climb, and he looks up to the top with a smile.

Conor, thank you for everything you have done. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish." - Will Hedrick, Executive Director & Founder

Conor M. Egan is the Director of Consulting for 10X Consulting Group. Conor oversees the global consulting practice and market development efforts across the organization. Conor served as a member of the former American Cancer Society’s Associate Board of Ambassadors in North Carolina.

Conor brings a passion for and in-depth knowledge of our Mission to better Animal, Human and Environmental life with his diverse leadership background. Conor was awarded the Top 30 Under 30, Future Leaders of Charlotte award in 2022.


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