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Matt Hill joins The Hedrick Project as Young Professional Committee Chair

Matt Hill is a Partner at Pursuit Search Group in Matthews, NC, and helps companies find extraordinary talent and hit their hiring goals. Matt is excited to use his professional skills to lead the Young Professional Committee and positively influence young professionals to become philanthropically involved.


"Initially, I reached out to Matt for his expertise in recruiting our board members and to see if he had any advice while I embarked on this search. However, after connecting and learning about him, I knew we needed him on our team.

Matt is one of those people that has an infectious energy that you want to be around. He is not someone that needs the spotlight or is the loudest in the room - his energy comes from being able to connect with anyone he meets genuinely. He is interested in making people's lives better without the need to see anything in return.

Matt will oversee the Young Professional Committee (YP) and help us build this from the ground up. I can confidently say that anyone who joins YP is in for a treat. Matt is one-of-a-kind."

- Will Hedrick, Founder & Executive Director


The Young Professional Committee is our community of emerging visionaries passionate about improving animal, human, and environmental life globally. YP members look to assist The Hedrick Project with their forward-thinking knowledge, industry experience, and passion for our mission.

YP members commit to giving or fundraising $1,000 annually and Meeting Quarterly.

Learn more and apply to the Young Professional Committee Here.


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