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Dustin Lee joins The Hedrick Project as Media Chair

Dustin Lee is a media professional who loves the outdoors and cares deeply about the environment. With over a decade of experience in content creation, he aims to use his talents to advocate for human rights, environmental conservation and animal welfare. He joined The Hedrick Project to tell stories that offer different perspectives on life while promoting healing for the earth and its inhabitants.

Dustin is also passionate about community building and believes in working together to create positive change. When he's not working, he enjoys camping, hiking, and surfing. His appreciation for nature and humankind has inspired his commitment to making a difference in the world.


"Whether it's sharing stories about the beauty of nature or highlighting the achievements of underrepresented groups, I believe that film and storytelling can be used to create positive change and inspire action. As a board member, I would be eager to contribute my skills and expertise to help craft powerful narratives that capture the hearts and minds of audiences and promote understanding and empathy." - Dustin Lee


"I cannot say enough about how excited I am to work with Dustin and have him join our team at THP. Dustin is too humble to give himself the proper credit he deserves to demonstrate just how talented he is. He has built an outstanding media company from the ground up, Dirty Mo Media, that produces podcasts, short documentaries, commercials, TV shows, and everything in between. Most importantly, we instantly connected on the power of storytelling and how that will be a driving vehicle for The Hedrick Project's growth. " - Will Hedrick


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