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From the Founder Vol. 6

We have had another amazing month at The Hedrick Project! Here is month six and everything that we have been up to.

Since the beginning of the organization, one of my largest priorities has been establishing our core donation programs, or in my mind, "businesses" within the organization. We are a media-based organization and use the digital world to raise awareness and funds for our partners in the field. Having these various business programs is essential for us to get as many people involved in as many ways as possible. It also allows us to allow others to be more than a write-off.

With each of these programs, at the core, our goal is to involve and engage as many people as possible in giving and philanthropy. The more ways we can get others involved, the better.

4 Board Members Announced

We are excited to announce our first four board members at The Hedrick Project! I cannot say enough about every member that has gotten the position to serve on our board. I'm excited, they're excited, and we are starting to create an extraordinary team.

You can learn more about them on our board of directors page. More pictures, bios, and information will come soon, so follow our social media to stay current.

Conor Egan, Chairman

Conor M. Egan is the Director of Consulting for 10X Consulting Group. Conor oversees the global consulting practice and market development efforts across the organization. Conor served as a member of the former American Cancer Society’s Associate Board of Ambassadors in North Carolina.

Conor brings a passion for and in-depth knowledge of our Mission to better Animal, Human and Environmental life with his diverse leadership background. Conor was awarded the Top 30 Under 30, Future Leaders of Charlotte award in 2022.

“Being a part of an organization focused on bringing awareness and support to better Animal, Human and Environmental life globally in a transparent and effective way is an honor. I am humbled and empowered to leverage my talents toward effectuating this great mission and its success.

- Conor M. Egan, Chairman

Shawn Garrett, Legal Chair

Shawn Garrett is the founder at Garrett, PLLC, a small business and startup firm in Charlotte, NC, focused on guiding founders and entrepreneurs through their business endeavors.

"Shawn is one of the most humble and passionate individuals I have ever met. He has more accolades, achievements, and experiences than any normal human could obtain in 10 lifetimes, yet he leads his firm and life based on genuinely treating people right and helping them achieve their dreams.
Any attorney could be a legal chair, but no one will take on this position with as much passion, enthusiasm, quality, and expertise as Shawn will."

- Will Hedrick, Founder & Executive Director

Matt Hill, Young Professional Committee Chair

Matt Hill is a Partner at Pursuit Search Group in Matthews, NC, and helps companies find extraordinary talent and hit their hiring goals. Matt is excited to use his professional skills to lead the Young Professional Committee and positively influence young professionals to become philanthropically involved.

The Young Professional Committee is our community of emerging visionaries passionate about improving animal, human, and environmental life globally. YP members look to assist The Hedrick Project with their forward-thinking knowledge, industry experience, and passion for our mission.

YP members commit to giving or fundraising $1,000 annually and Meeting Quarterly.

Learn more and apply to the Young Professional Committee Here.

Tuanette Nixon, Fundraising Chair

"Growing up in South Africa among a beautifully diverse population and environment full of rich culture, I saw firsthand the many ways people of all different backgrounds shared life and its challenges. The ecosystem of South Africa left an impression on me that shaped my worldview and led to a passion for helping others, creating awareness for both human and environmental issues, and the drive to live each day with the goal of working for a betterment of our planet in all ways possible.

After moving from South Africa to England and, ultimately, the United States, I have amassed both a fuller understanding of the world’s unanswered needs, but also a deep and fulsome background in networking through my positions helping numerous nonprofit organizations working in a multitude of capacities. The Hedrick Project is a natural and exciting fit for me and I look very forward to continuing to make a difference as part of their team." - Tuanette Nixon

Business Partnership Program

The Business Partnership Program is much more than an opportunity for businesses and organizations to get their write-off. We create mutually beneficial partnerships with every business that joins our program.

We custom-curate media experiences, from social posts to documentaries about our work together. We want to engage your audience and prove the impact that businesses can have on animal, human, and environmental life globally.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is our group of public figures, celebrities, and influencers using their platform to better animal, human, and environmental life globally.

Fundraise Platform Updated

Our fundraising platform has gotten a huge update. With our friends at Donorbox, we have created a platform that allows anyone to create a fundraiser for The Hedrick Project.

Fundraise for better animal, human, and environmental life globally. One of the best ways to show your support is to fundraise on your behalf. Whether you want to create the new ice-bucket challenge, run a 5K, or start a lemonade stand - you can fundraise however you want.

Our fundraising platform is built with our friends at Donorbox. There, you can custom-build your own fundraising page. Once completed, we will share custom pictures and videos to help raise awareness with your friends and family. Click here to get started.

The Shop is Still Open!

We still have some t-shirts and Pura Vida bracelets available for purchase! Make sure to get yours before they go out of stock.

We operate on a transparency promise. It's simple: 100% of donations go to the field. We separately fundraise for our expenses.

The Shop is no different. Consider your purchase a donation. All expenses are covered.

Subscribe & Follow

Our media presence is ever-growing. Make sure to join as a member on our website and follow us on our social media. We'll keep you updated on everything we are doing and tell stories from the field.


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