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New Partner | Carolina Raptor Center

We have partnered with Carolina Raptor Center and could not be more excited!⁠

The Carolina Raptor Center (CRC) is a nonprofit organization on a mission to ignite imaginations and inspire engagement in the natural world through the exploration and rehabilitation of birds of prey.⁠

CRC has a three-quarter-mile walking trail and a zoological facility that permanently houses and displays more than thirty birds of prey. Carolina Raptor Center uses this walking trail to host programs that inspire life-long education and stewardship of the environment and raptors. ⁠

In addition, CRC has a medical facility for injured wild raptors filled with extraordinary medical staff that evaluate 800-1000 raptors annually. In its 40-year history, Carolina Raptor Center has admitted over 20,000 birds.⁠

The Raptor Project

A raptor, or bird of prey, is a bird that hunts for its food. Some popular examples are eagles, hawks, owls, and vultures. There are more than 560 species of raptors, and they can be found on every continent (except Antarctica).

While being some of the world's most beloved animals, raptors have faced challenges due to the loss of native habitat, human–wildlife conflicts, pollution, and global climate alterations.

Recent studies by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and BirdLife International found that 30% of 557 raptor species worldwide are threatened to some degree.

Together we can inspire, protect, conserve, and rehabilitate birds of prey.

Our implementing partner, Carolina Raptor Center, rehabilitates birds of prey and inspires life-long stewardship and education with their extraordinary facilities. Know that 100% of your donations to the Raptor Project will go directly to the Carolina Raptor Center.

Learn more about the project here:⁠


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