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New Partner | The Water Trust

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The Water Trust empowers the poorest rural communities in Uganda to provide clean water and healthy homes for children and their families to thrive. The Water Trust partners with villages and schools to address critical gaps in water, sanitation, and hygiene by building infrastructure and coaching community members.


While The Water Trust is not the only organization focused on WASH projects, they have an innovative approach to ensuring the longevity of clean water in Uganda.

There is no public utility that maintains and monitors the maintenance of the wells. A $10,000 well can become abandoned due to a $50 repair that has been left incomplete. 45% of wells in rural Uganda are inoperable, and 18% meet basic reliability and yield standards.

The Water Trust focuses on connecting with local communities to educate them on well operation and create savings groups to pool funds for the upkeep of their wells. These groups typically have 20-40 members and meet weekly to save, take out loans, and pay into a reserve fund for their shared water point. When the well needs maintenance or a repair, there is money on hand to pay for it.

We are excited to be partnering with such an extraordinary organization.

Learn more about The Water Trust here.


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