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New Partner | Eden Reforestation Projects

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to fund their reforestation and poverty alleviation efforts worldwide. Go to to learn how they create jobs, protect ecosystems, and help mitigate climate change.


Eden Reforestation Projects has set a bold goal to produce, plant, and protect a minimum of 4 billion trees. They operate in 10 project countries and plant nearly a million trees per day. Eden takes an innovative approach to reforestation. They connect with local leaders to engage communities to inspire great commitment to reforestation and a sense of ownership to protect their forests long-term.

Eden Projects provides economic incentives and simple planting techniques to support local communities in restoring their local environment and economy. Their success and the communities’ success are inextricably entwined.


If you have read our Reforestation project page, you'll read the story of Maman'i Kambina.

Maman'i Kambina is a single mother with six children living in a remote village, Mahabana, in Madagascar. Before joining the Eden Reforestation Projects as a planter, it was difficult to make ends meet. As Mahabana grew, trees were cut down, and the mud eroded, taking all of the coastal ecosystems with it. The economic revenue from the ocean decreased and eventually drove the village further into poverty.

Eden Projects hires hundreds of local villagers in Madagascar to help plant trees, like Maman'i. Now, she is passionately working to protect her local ecosystems and can pay to send all of her children to school.


"There is a difference between planting a tree and growing a tree" - Dr. Stephen Fitch, Founder & CEO, Eden Reforestation Projects

In this video, you will find one of the biggest separators in Eden Reforestation Projects and other organizations within the field. Dr. Stephen Fitch talks about the difference between planting a seed and growing a single tree that then turns into multiple trees, then becoming a healthy forest.


If you want to see Eden Reforestation Projects in action, click here to go straight to our new album. There you will find featured photos from their work over the years.


You can read more about our partners, Eden Reforestation Projects, by clicking here to view their website.

Donate to reforestation by visiting our reforestation project page. 100% of your donations will go directly to our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects.


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