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myCharity is a 501c3 nonprofit on a mission to make donating better for individuals.


How                    works

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A screenshot of our donation portal where donors can pick and choose the causes that they want to donate to
1. Create your Account

Pick your causes and how much you want to donate.

An example of a notification a myCharity user might recieve about the progress of their donation
2. Tracking

Receive updates on your donation's progress.

An example of a myCharity final impact report proving exactly what a donors donations did in the field.
3. Reporting

Once utilized, receive a final report with proof of impact.

A Success Story: Andrew & Lexie

Andrew setup a fundraiser on myCharity for his birthday. He invited his friends and family members to donate instead of gifts and fundraised $520. His donations helped fund the rehabilitation of an injured Gray Fox named Lexie. 

Explore our causes

A picture of a nurse and a cancer patient smiling.
A picture of a girl washing her hands in a newly installed well
Clean Water (WASH)
A smiling child running down the street with his friends after school
A scientist measuring the size of a coral for coral restoration
A man feeding an elephant milk from a bottle for elephant conservation
A man smiling while holding two handfuls of mangroves about to be planted for myCharity's reforestation work

Our Story

How and why myCharity started

Here's how our founder, Will Hedrick went from starting a furniture company, to real estate, and then launching myCharity.

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  • Is myCharity a nonprofit?
    Yes. myCharity is a register 501c3 nonpfrofit. View our determination letter here.
  • What is the 100% model?
    The 100% model is how we handle our finances. Unless donors opt-in, 100% of their donation goes to the causes of their choice. While some donors choose to donate to our operations costs, we still separately fundraise for our expenses.
  • Who are our partners? What do they do? How do we choose them?
    Our partners help lead all of the work in the field. We believe in the power of a strong team, and together we can operate much more efficiently by supporting other organizations that are doing extraordinary work. For example, it is much more efficient for myCharity to grant funds to a sea turtle hospital, then to build our own, pay veterinarian staff, and have all of the upkeep that goes on to owning and operating a sea turtle hospital. While it might be fun, we want to help our donors make the most impact - with our partners that's possible. All of our partners are screened for quality of work, quality of financial statements, and quality of staff. Most importantly, we do not have any form of ownership or stake in any of our partner organizations.
  • Where can I find your financial records?
    Here is our financials page.
  • How long will it be until my donation is used?
    It depends on every partner we have and how much previous fundraising occured. We attempt to put your money in our partners hands as fast as possible - its better being put to good use than sitting with us.
  • Can I Donate Once?
    We operate primarily on a subscription model. However, if you want to make a one-time donation, click here.
  • Who can I contact for support?
    Visit our Contact Us page or email

Your questions,

Join the community changing the world

Various myCharity users being showcased
Our Impact
An graphic of a seaturtle representing our wildlife conservation initiatives
A graphic of a tree representing the reforestation activities of our nonprofit



Wildlife Rehab Centers Supported

Trees Planted

A graphic of a camera representing the amount of social media impressions we have accumulated as a nonprofit organization.



We send 100% of donations to the field.

Seriously. We separately fundraise for our overhead costs like rent, salaries, and marketing. 100% of your donation goes to the causes you choose.

the myCharity transparency promise logo

From the Field

An image of myCharity Founder Will Hedrick and VP of Impact at Summitt Coffee, Brett Dioguardi having a conversation on the myCharity podcast building a better world.
Podcast: Building a Better World
An image of a gentleman planting a tree at one of our partners reforestation sites.
Video: From the Field
A picture of a water conservationists kayaking down a river.
Socials: Instagram
A landscape photo of a mountain and lake that is on myCharity's social media outlet, instagram
Socials: Instagram
A picture of a whale breaching the water from one of our videos on YouTube
Video: Whale B-Roll
A picture of lead veternarians doing their wildlife rehabilitation work
Video: Be like Andrew
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