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Will's Fundraiser

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support and donating. I'm fundraising for clean water, education, and emergency response globally. I've chosen to use myCharity for the ability to support multiple causes easily, know that 100% of donations from this fundraiser will go to the field, and because I want to see my impact come to life. Please consider donating below! 


Clean Water, Education, Emergency Response





Ends on 6/11/24

Updates & Activity

4 Donations

Mills Kratt donated $30 to Will's Fundraiser

Great job Will! Super excited to support you!


Clayton Kolls donated $50 to Will's Fundraiser

Sharing with my family, happy to support.


Jake Johnson donated $20 to Will's Fundraiser

Keep it going!

Ryan Reed donated $40 to Will's Fundraiser

Awesome cause, hope you reach your goal.



Top Donors

1. Clayton Kolls

2. Ryan Reed

3. Mills Kratt




4. Jake Johnson


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